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Award-winning accounting software for small businesses.

Nail the admin, take care of tax and see the bigger picture. 50% off your first 6 months.

You could get FreeAgent for free. If a Natwest or mettle account is held, free agent software is free to our clients. This is a UK based software.

Run your entire business from anywhere.

Snap an expense, fire off an invoice, check your cashflow, stay on top of your tax. Take care of business, anywhere.

No more mess - invoicing, expenses, and more all in one place. One tidy dashboard that gives an overview of your whole business. Take a weight off with automatic tax forecasts and reminders


Mettle is the free business account by NatWest that helps small businesses start, run and grow. It’s built for small businesses, startups, limited companies and sole traders.

Customers can apply for an account in minutes, create and send customised invoices and connect to accounting software to help keep track of their books. The account comes with a UK account number and sort code and an in-app chat feature so that customers can speak to real people when they need help.

Mettle has partnered with FreeAgent which means customers can now sign up for the accounting software through the Mettle app and seamlessly sync all their business transactions.


Only one “glocal” service supporting your business growth overseas.

BPO/Monitoring: Our local supporters provide accounting BPO service on GLASIAOUS, by which you can see financial info in the desirable language and format anytime.​

Work-sharing with accounting office(Co-sourcing): As a step to self-accounting with local specialists’ support. No more Excel for sales/purchase/inventory list. Cloud invoicing in multiple currencies & languages frees you from draining manual work.

Cloud ERP: Speeds up operation at overseas subsidiaries and data collection & analysis at head office. Approval process contributes to internal control. 

Accountancy going paperless and borderless in the new normal era - My reportage from Bangkok -